Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Nov 02, 2023     Views: 2957

Good question! Actually it varies by discipline and by professor. Sciences classes will almost always prefer APA while Humanities classes lean toward MLA. Some of the beginning level classes (1000 and 2000 level) use Turabian. Some professors don't care what you use as long as you stay consistent with whatever style you are using. That is sometimes true also for the beginning level classes. Your syllabus or Blackboard assignment should specify the requirements. If nothing is stated anywhere, I know your professor would be glad to answer the question in class or in an email.

I might also add that the library has an awesome tool to help with citations. Visit our EasyBib LibGuide for the details. EasyBib helps you cite any source in any style you need. It even has an outstanding app that lets you scan the ISBN barcode on a book (if one is available) with your phone or tablet's camera! All you do is scan, copy, and paste. The citation is created automatically! You can save citations to your free account when you create one. Please spread the word! This is one of the coolest time-saving research apps the library has! Dr. Sloan even has his research assistant use it. :)

Thanks for your question today!