Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2023     Views: 213

The quick answer is to use the peer-reviewed check box filter on CloudSearch on the library's home page. After you do a search, look on the left-side of the results page for the filters (like you do on Amazon). This may or may not be an available option on the databases. 

What are peer-reviewed articles?

These are read by a select group of members of the journal's review board. The group functions as an "admission committee" and decides whether or not the article is of sufficient quality to be published. They explore if research was done properly as well as review the writing style and contents to see if it fits within the journal's scope. The committee can accept, send it back for revisions, or outright reject it.

"Peer-reviewed" is not to be confused with scholarly articles or journals. The content of those journals is "scholarly" and academic in nature, however, not all scholarly articles are peer-reviewed.