Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016     Views: 352

  1. To setup up initial use, go to Find out your HBU username.
  2. Click the reset button. Remember the above web address because you can also reset your HuskyNet PIN from here as well. This page has all the login instructions for all HBU systems, too. After getting your network username, the reset button takes you which is a system setup by ITS. Follow the password instructions on the left side of the screen to login and create a new password. This site gives you more personal network control over your account (password resets and unlocking accounts when needed).
  3. You will need to follow all of registration steps (security questions, password reset, and email addresses). I highly recommend using a secondary email address outside HBU. You will appreciate this if in the future you need to a reset password and can't get into your HBU email. If no address is given, your verification goes to the default address which is If you can't get to that, then you can't get the code to reset your password. I think you get the idea...
  4. For password resets, go to and click password reset. This will only work if you have already logged in to LetMeIn before.

For problems, contact HBU ITS at 281-649-3410.

NOTE: Make sure you create a password verification option that can get on your phone or have forwarded to a non-HBU account.