Answered By: Dean Riley
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(For Password information, skip to Step #3.)

HBU Network Setup

This note is assuming that everyone has been to an HBU orientation event and has already been to HuskyNet to view their student account information so it is not addressed here.

If you are new to HBU, try the following steps and contact us if you continue to have difficulty. We may need to coordiate things with our IT Department.

  1. Have you been able to successfully login to the HBU portal? I ask because our databases accept the same ID and password. ( This is different than HuskyNet, which covers your financial aid, schedule, registration, etc.
  2. If you are successful, then go to the library home page and click "Find articles with databases." You will get a login screen (when off-campus). Login in with your HBU portal ID and password.
  3. If you are unsuccessful, go to and find out what your user name is. Then click the reset button. Remember this web address because you can also reset your HuskyNet PIN from here as well. This page has all the login instructions for all HBU systems, too. After getting your network username, the reset button takes you which is a system setup by ITS. Follow the password instructions on the left side of the screen to login and create a new password. This site gives you more personal network control over your account (password resets and unlocking accounts when needed).
  4. You will need to follow all of registration steps (security questions, password reset, and email addresses). We highly recommend using a secondary email address (not HBU). You will appreciate this if in the future you need to a reset password and can't get into your HBU email as the verification code goes to the secondary email.
  5. Once this is done and you can confirm entry into the HBU portal, then the database problem should be solved. See comments under Step #2 above.

For problems call HBU ITS at 281-649-3410 (24x7)

Returning Students

We highly recommend checking your HBU portal to see if you can still login. If not, you will need to contact HBU ITS at 281-649-3410 (24/7).

Opening Week of Fall Semester

HBU ITS will have a table set up in the Hinton Center (building with the dome) during the daytime hours for the first few days of the Fall Semester.