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Yes! For a long time we did not but our HBU post office says that they are now allowing students to send faxes from their office. The charge is $.50 cents per page if it is a local call and if it is a long distance call the charge is $1.00 per page. The post office is located by the back stairs of the student center between the bookstore and the cafe. They are open from 8:00 until 5:00 Monday through Friday.

The next nearest place to fax is FedEx/Kinko's. See the map below for directions. It is fairly close to the campus. You could also take the shuttle to the Wellness Center and walk to it easily. Here are their current rates (Fall 2012):

  • Local or 800/866 numbers - the first page is $1.27 and subsequent pages are about .90 cents.
  • Long Distance - the first page is $2.29 and subsequent pages are $1.39.

In order to get these prices, you need to show your HBU ID card otherwise the prices will be even higher. Here is FedEx/Kinko's current hours:

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Phone: (713) 271-6311


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  1. FedEx/Kinkos also has larger copiers that can copy larger images than your larger 8.5 X 17 sheets the library copiers provide.
    I tried reducing the original but the copier at the library could not scan past 8.5 X 17 even if we reduced the captured image.
    So if you need to make copies of someone's notes and they are in a spiral bound notebook (which you can not tear out) you can take these notes there and make copies at 28 cents a page but remember that this should be two of those pages at one time.
    by D. Casebier on Dec 06, 2013.