Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016     Views: 21

The OneSearch box on our home page has had some problems of late. If you go to the alternative site, do the following search first:

  • timelines and classroom not business. You should get a little over 600 results (currently).
  • Click Advanced search.
  • Check the box for "limit to library collection."
  • Under the Discipline section at the top, click Education. That should limit your results to under 400.

Check those results and see what you think. As you check these for relevance, be sure to look at the subject headings. "Timeline" is not a useful subject heading. If you find a really good one, then look at the subject headings are used for that article and try using some of those terms as subject search (with the dropdown option for title in the snapshot below). Keep "timeline" as part fo the search but don't change the dropdown option for it.

Yet another variation (under Advanced search) is to try with "timelines" as a title search like the snapshot below. Be sure to click "Education" as a discipline. This will get ten hits, six of which are immediately available (I did not check the availability of the others.). This could be useful but it is also very limiting so the first serach may be broader and give you more options.

I hope this is making some sense. If not please let me know! Good luck!