Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2016     Views: 7

This is a big result list but you can add other terms to narrow it. Try going to the Advanced Search screen on OneSearch. Type [Arthur Andersen & Co.] without the brackets and then click the dropdown box and change it to SUBJECT. This will give you a base of about 3,100 articles. That is still a bit much but you can use the next search box to add more terms. I suggest leaving that first box alone, however. So, using the first box as a base, here are some options:

  • demise (leave the dropdown box alone) = 11 results. I recommend thinking of other synonyms for demise. 
    • For instance, add fall (leave dropdown box alone) = 19 results.
    • Other terms to try: ruin, downfall, failure, dissolution, collapse
  • ethics (leave the dropdown box alone) = 148 results.
    • Other terms for ethics include: morality, belief, conduct, conscience, criteria,  decency,  ethos,  honesty,  honor, imperative, moral imperative, integrity, practice, principles, standards, values, moral code 
  • consequences (leave the dropdown box alone) = 8 results.
    • Synonyms include: aftermath, fallout, repercussion, 

I think you get the idea. These results should be more manageable. Now, to expand the possibilities, you will also need to play "word detective." Pay attention to terms used in the title and subject fields. There may be new words that appear which you had not yet thought about. Try using them against that base search. I hope this is helpful. If not, please let us know.