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The 2016-2017 catalog says the following on pp. 64-65:


Attendance Requirements

Regular attendance in class is important for student success, and it is university policy that students must attend class.   Faculty members are responsible for maintaining complete and accurate attendance records for each student.  Absences are recorded beginning from the first class session after the student has enrolled in the course.  Professors are not obligated to allow students to make up work they miss due to unexcused absences.  Any student who does not attend at least 75% of the scheduled class sessions will receive a grade of "F" for the course, regardless of his performance on other assessments such as tests, quizzes, papers, or projects. Professors may apply additional attendance policies as appropriate to individual courses. Likewise, the College or School may also apply additional attendance requirements as necessary. In either case, all applicable attendance policies will be stipulated in the course syllabus.


Excused Absence Policy

Students represent Houston Baptist University through participation in university sponsored or sanctioned activities such as the arts, music, and intercollegiate athletics. When the activity schedule occasionally conflicts with academic obligations, student-participants and their sponsors will follow a standard protocol  to provide faculty members with prior, written notification of their administratively excused absences from classes.   Faculty members will determine, in consultation with student-participants, how missed classes and assignments are made-up in a manner that fulfills academic obligations and accommodates the obligation of the student to participate in a university activity. Except for excused absences (see below), student-participants have the same responsibility with regard to class attendance and assignments as do all other students. Houston Baptist University is committed to the philosophy that academic events, artistic performances, and intercollegiate athletics are an important part of the institution’s mission to provide diverse educational opportunities to our students. The University recognizes that there may be occasions when, due to a scheduled event, a participating student must miss a class with an excused absence.

Definition of an Excused Absence

  • This policy for University excused absences applies to participation as an athlete, manager, student trainer, student coach, or graduate assistant in NCAA intercollegiate competitions, or participation as a representative of Houston Baptist University at academic events and artistic performances approved by the Provost or designee.
  • Practice or rehearsal for any event is not eligible for consideration as an excused absence.
  • This policy excludes those academic endeavors that require the completion of a predetermined number of clock hours.  Departmental practices and procedures of each College should be consistent with this policy as much as possible in order to be sure that the University serves student needs.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Regular and punctual class attendance is essential. Do not miss class for other reasons.  Be in class everyday.
  • Make-up work for University-excused absences
  • It is the responsibility of the student to request from the instructor an opportunity to complete missed assignments, activities, labs, examinations or other course requirements in a timely manner.
  • The student should set up an appointment with the instructor to discuss an action plan designed to meet any missed course requirements during the time of the excused absence. The timing of this meeting should take place at the discretion of the instructor. Students are responsible for all material covered in classes that they miss, even when their absences are excused, as defined above. 
  • Missed classroom activities will be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor.  When possible, missed class work should be completed prior to leaving for an excused academic activity.
  • Students should be aware that excessive absences—whether excused or unexcused—may affect their ability to do well in their classes.

Faculty Responsibility

  • Instructors are responsible for taking attendance and for providing students with an equitable way to make up missed work due to an absence excused by this policy.
  • Instructors should inform students in a timely manner of procedures to make up missed work, e.g., including the information in the course syllabus.
  • Instructors may not penalize students for absences excused by this policy.

Violation of Academic Conduct Regulations

  • Falsifying information or documentation in order to obtain an excused absence is considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulations.
  • Sharing information about a make-up examination or quiz with other students is deemed a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Conduct Regulations.
  • Anyone found responsible for falsifying information or documentation in order to obtain an excused absence or sharing examination or quiz information may receive a course grade of zero, as determined by the course instructor, in addition to any sanction(s) imposed by the administration.