Answered By: Dean Riley
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I presume you are referring to the general and detail requirements that are shown in Huskynet when a student runs a degree audit?  I don't think this is an Admissions question. I'm wrong, you can 281-649-3211 for additional information.


If you are referring to CAPP or degree plans, here is what Huskynet says:


General Requirements: A general overview of your WebCAPP degree evaluation. Compliance displays courses used to satisfy degree program curricula. This does not show detailed requirements for graduation. 

Detail Requirements: Provides a listing of Degree Requirements broken apart by specific areas related to HBU degree programs. These areas include Smith College, SLP requirements, Advanced Hours, Proficiencies, and major requirements. Within the areas, courses that satisfy these areas are listed in addition to the students completed coursework, transferred coursework, and/or in progress coursework as well as tests, SLP information, etc that satisfies each condition required for graduation. 


For more questions, contact the Registrar at or 281-649-3213.