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Campus Map

The following map shows the campus of Houston Baptist University. Get directions to campus and any particular entrance gate by clicking an entrance marker (ie., the blue "push pins"), then clicking "Directions" and supply your starting address.

Click on buildings and parking lots to get names and other information. Visitor parking is denoted by the large "P" on the map. You can click any of them for additional information.

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  • Visitor parking is available in several locations.

    Visitors may not exceed posted time limits. For example, you may not park in any space labeled “Short Term Parking - Limit One Hour” for more than 60 minutes. Failure to display either a permanent or temporary permit does not mean you may park in visitor spaces. License plate numbers of vehicles parked in visitor parking will be monitored. Citations for parking in a visitor space and failure to secure a parking permit will be issued to vehicles belonging to students or their families.
  • Handicap parking is available in designated parking spaces. Parking in handicap parking spaces is not allowed without the handicap permit. An HBU permit is not required where the vehicle is issued special handicap identification by the state.
  • No parking areas:
  1. 1. Loading dock behind the Anderson Student Center
  1. 2. Fire lanes
  1. 3. No parking zones
  1. 4. Grass
  1. 5. Sidewalks
  1. 6. Along curbs or any spot that would disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Note: Be aware that Moody Library is not available for general (open public) access, library (see more on the About the Library page).

Comments (2)

  1. Are there any parking spots for visitors which do not have time constraints?
    by J on Jan 09, 2013.
  2. We will double-check but as far as we know, there are no time limits on parking spaces.
    by Dean Riley on Jan 09, 2013.