Answered By: Dean Riley
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2015     Views: 11

History is one of those degrees that could be beneficial to many companies and organizations in non-traditional ways. The attached link for The Occupational Outlook Handbook briefly gives an overview of the Historian field and shows a variety of careers for those with a history degree. Naturally, there are other traditional occupations not mentioned such as teaching (elementary through college) but there could be a lot of competition for those jobs. Other occupations could also include becoming a librarian. In this day and age, it is best to keep an open and creative eye on the job market. Many jobs, while not specifically related to history, might benefit from having someone who can think critically and analyze causes and effects and how society has been affected.

The history degree also offers you a unique perspective. You will be able to view events, activities from a broader perspective. You will be able to more easily see and understand economic, social, political, scientific histories. This could be valuable in anticipating events or scenarios for your company whether it is job specifically related to history or not.  If you are an HBU student, I highly suggest you stop the Career and Callings office to discuss your situation and job thoughts.

Good luck!